Ashbury Labelling

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With rapid growth and a demanding market place comes the need to recognise that change is not just acceptable but a sign of organisational health. Ashbury understood that more needed to be done to support its managers with the varying skills to navigate its changing landscape of new clients with new and challenging demands and the effects on their teams.


The development of the Ashbury Management Development Programme which started with personal profiling and group coaching to understand their individual natural and adopted behaviour styles and its effects on other followed by monthly learning experiences that covered everything from managing conflict, influencing and persuading, communication and problem solving. Every quarter, a one to one coaching session with each manger allowed successes and challenges to be discussed together with forward planning.


  • 92% of participants learnt new knowledge and skills
  • 89% of participants have been able to apply what they learnt
  • 95% believed the programme was a worthwhile investment